January 17, 2022

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Why New Zealand, one of the countries that best managed the Covit-19 crisis, is rebuilding itself-Aust-France evening edition

Nicholas Hassan-Fare

Faced with the Kovit-19 epidemic, New Zealand is rebuilding itself on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 for at least three days. These strict restrictions came into effect after a man became infected with the corona virus. This is the first case of a local crisis since February, in a country that has managed the health crisis particularly well.

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Residents of deserted streets, completely empty expressways, supermarkets come out with full carts … these scenes took place in many big cities New Zealand, Wednesday August 18, 2021, shown by films aired on public radio RNZ.

About 5 million people in the Pacific archipelago Were invited to stay at home again : A new one Imprisonment Came into effect Tuesday night at 11:59 a.m. and for at least three days due to infection Govit-19.

The ban comes after a man was diagnosed with the corona virus in the country’s largest city, Auckland. The British newspaper reports that this is the first local epidemic since February 2021 Defender – Of course the infection was detected in the territory, but within the borders of New Zealand.

Across the country, which has managed the health crisis well, ten cases of Govt-19 have now been identified. According to the latest figures from the authorities. According to estimates from health services quoted daily, the epidemic focus will reach 120 cases New Zealand Herald .

“Fortress of New Zealand”

In New Zealand, people can leave their homes only to buy basic necessities, for medical reasons, to go to their place of work under certain conditions or to do some exercise near home. According to the rules of this new prison.

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These strict regulations are reminiscent of those imposed in France or elsewhere in Europe to deal with previous waves of pollution. This situation arises from the strategy “Zero Govt” Has so far been successfully implemented by New Zealand authorities.

A Deserted Expressway in Wellington, Wednesday, August 18, 2021 (Photo: Marty Melville / AFP)

Country, It condemns 26 deaths from Govt-19 since the outbreak began, Succeeded in controlling the progression of the virus with this method, aimed at eliminating its circulation rather than living with it.

Thus the authorities have put it in place Local controls Aims to slow the progression of the disease and relies on systems to detect contact cases and effective isolation in particular.

Island Country, Nickname “Fortress of New Zealand” The English-speaking media closed its borders, at least until the beginning of 2022, the newspaper recalls. Reuters. They should only be reopened to vaccinated travelers from certain countries.

Facing Delta diversity, “we have only one chance”

In New Zealand, ten confirmed cases of Govit-19 are linked to the most widespread delta type, and emphasizes New Zealand Herald .

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“We are one of the last countries in the world where the delta variant appeared among our people”, Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern said Tuesday in a statement released by the American Television Network CNN.

The arrival of variation “We need to act quickly and hard again to prevent the spread [du virus]. ⁇ As in New Zealand in particular, the vaccination campaign is progressing slowly: less than 18% of the island’s population has received their two injections and a single dose of more than 12%, according to website statistics. Our world in data.

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden on Tuesday 17 August 2021 (Photo: Mark Mitchell / Pool / AFP)

“We have only one chance” To prevent the number of infections, said Jacinta Artern, who was quoted as saying Defender . She mentioned “Catastrophic Consequences” A “Reaction time too long” In the face of variation, this particularly expressed themselves “With Our Neighbors”.

Note onAustralia, Having another country Bet on the “Zero Govt” strategy. Sydney, the island-continent’s largest city, has been closed for nearly two months, but is breaking tragic records of pollution, Reuters news agency reported Wednesday (August 18).

“The worst is yet to come”, Gladys Perezglian, Prime Minister of the Australian state of New South Wales, has been released. He urged the people of the area to stay at home. Across Australia, more than half of the country’s 25 million people are now detained.