January 17, 2022

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Who was the new Commander-in-Chief of the French Forces, Thierry Burkard?

Appointed new Commander-in-Chief Forces French (CEMA),
The current boss of the army is Brigadier General Thierry Burkert, A respected general with extensive operational experience, whose strategic vision focuses on tomorrow’s conflicts, he predicts will be difficult and complex.

General Burkert, who is celebrating his 57th birthday on July 30, will take charge a few days earlier. General Franசois Legoindre. The latter leaves after 4 years as head of the Armed Forces, which is particularly marked by the rise of the defense budget following the long run of the budget.

“Harsher, high intensity conflicts”

In the immediate future, the new “SEMA” will have the subtle task of supervision It was announced that the French military presence in Sahel would be reduced, After more than eight years of massive commitment. This re-emergence will tighten a system that mobilizes more than 5,000 men today,
Closing sites in northern Mali And enhanced support for local forces with the help of European reinforcements. At a time when the conflict is changing face at high speed, Thierry Burkhart must plan a major strategic shift. “It has been more than ten years since the military focused on the militarized terrorist threat,” but it “needs to resize and prepare for more serious, more serious conflicts,” while accelerating strategic competition on the world stage, he explained last November.

A paradigm shift such as adapting the military’s operational product, investing in new areas of conflict – space, cyber, maritime, social networks – and equipment modernization. He noted recently that the forces in particular need to “think about integrating robots and artificial intelligence on the battlefield” by 2040, who until now have accepted the duties of ground commanders. General Burkard must begin by integrating a reflection on the vision of the forces in future strategic reviews, which will inevitably follow the 2022 presidential election, exploring the conflict in 10 or 20 years and anticipating the resulting military model. June General Legoindre.

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“One of the most notable officials of his generation”

Married and the father of three children, Thierry Burkert holds a high position in front of a firm reputation. “Theory Burkard’s strategic vision and charisma make him one of the most significant officers of his generation. When he was appointed military chief in July 2019, he was unanimous,” underscores Cedric Perrin 2nd Sen. Cedric Perrin, Senator Derridoir de Belfort, born future leader of the army. REP), Saint-Syrian, who began his career as an officer in the Foreign Brigade, can gain extensive field experience.

He was thus sent to Guyana, Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Chad, Gabon, C டிte d’Ivoire and Afghanistan. In 2005, he became one of the representatives of the head of the Center for Operations Preparation and Conduct (CBCO), from which all French military operations are conducted. He will command in 2017. Since 2008, he has been commanding the prestigious 13th Demi-Regiment of the Foreign Brigade (13th DPLE) in Djibouti for two years.

Former spokesman for the Forces

But the most compact spheres of power are not alien to him. In 2013, he joined the National Intelligence Coordinating Committee at Elysee for two years. Attractive and approachable, the officer who puts his hand on his waist while addressing his men, who is also experienced in the art of communication, he practices in a transparent and direct manner. Assistant to the Defense Commander’s Communications Adviser from 2007 to 2008, and from 2010 to 2013, he also served as a spokesman for the staff during the year Operation Serval was launched in Mali.

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It comes before him to take a serious interest in the “information war” and the means to counter the false propaganda that targets the military incessantly. General Legoindre confirmed in the Senate in early June that public servants should soon “publish a theory describing our actions in this matter and prepare mechanisms for a better understanding of the attempts to manipulate information against us.” “This is a field in which we will be more and more active.”