January 17, 2022

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Video – “Do not be afraid”: Surreal message from a TV presenter in front of the armed Taliban

Tension – A video shared on Twitter on Sunday shows a set of televised debates on the Afghanistan channel. Surrounded by the multi-armed Taliban, he encourages the audience to “cooperate” with the rebels.

When the image conflicts with the message. A video aired on Twitter on Sunday, August 29, shows the host of the Afghan television channel Peace Studio surrounded by several armed Taliban. In the quote, the journalist reads a statement from the new leaders of the country and publishes their message: they like the people “Cooperate and promise he will not be afraid”.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

The BBC’s journalist Kian Sherifi named the show Bardas for the presentation on Twitter. Pascal Rich, from L’Obs, Refers to it as a political show aired on private television in Kabul. Qian Sheriff airs another long clip in which the host of the show can be seen interviewing the Taliban.

On Sunday, AFP aired an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning 2012 freelance Afghan photographer Masood Hossaini. According to him, the Taliban have already targeted certain female journalists and shut down the press.

“It would be so bad. (The Taliban) are trying to kill the media, but they are doing it slowly.”After leaving Afghanistan on August 15, he explains from the Netherlands.

“Today the Taliban are fooling the international community”

After the capture of Kabul, Taliban representatives assured the media – even women working there – that they would be able to work freely and not be harassed. They also held a formal press conference where a spokesman answered questions from reporters.

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But to Masood Hossain, “The Taliban will completely disband the media and cut off the Internet to become a new North Korea in the region.”He made the announcement on Friday at the World Press Photo Exhibition in Amsterdam. “Today they are fooling the international community, they are fooling the West.”.

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