January 17, 2022

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Video – Afghanistan: In the heart of Kabul, now under Taliban control

Story – Since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, the Afghans have risked their lives to flee the city. The trip to take them to Hamid Karzai International Airport was taken by our Special Correspondent Liseron Bouddal. From the Afghan capital, she tells Kabulian’s new daily life.

Airport as a horizon. Since the Taliban captured the capital, Hamid Karzai Airport has become the only exit point in the country. In Darshala, candidates for departure are panicked and sometimes even lose their lives. In Kabul, under the yoke of the country’s new masters, it is almost impossible and very dangerous to mobilize or exit the last base where Western presence is visible.

Journalists at the site said it would take an hour to cross the hotel a few kilometers from the airport in the center of the Afghan capital. With the support of the Qatari embassy, ​​boarding a bus overseen by American soldiers, our Special Correspondent, Liser Boulevard, mentions the ubiquity of the Taliban. They are the ones who have the checkpoints that are now gathering on this road. The Taliban tried to prevent Afghans from arriving in groups and arriving at the airport by plane., She testifies.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

The Taliban fired into the air to intimidate the crowd at Kabul airport. Day and night shootings echoed throughout the city. The presence of the Taliban with heavy weapons is a threat. Our cameras make them aggressive. “We saw the Taliban leaning on their Kalashnikovs’ shoulders and getting excited, and getting a little nervous as we started shooting through the windows of the bus.”, Says our journalist.

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The Taliban are now everywhere. They were also at the entrance of the hotel where our reporter was staying. “A week after they came to power they caught up with the whole city.”, She concludes.

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In increasingly tense weather, evacuations continue. “Everyone we’ve talked to here says life is no longer possible.”, Says Liseron Paul, in the center of the airport. For Afghans, these planes represent the last hope of leaving the country, while others are still trying to destroy Taliban checkpoints.

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What is the situation on the streets of Kabul?

A week after the reopening of the capital, the atmosphere on the streets of Kabul has changed drastically, as our journalist noted: men have long worn traditional Afghani tunics, and some women seen outside their homes have worn the burqa. A week ago, they were wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

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