January 17, 2022

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Under the sign of reconciliation, Kabago meets his former rival Bedik

Former Ivory President Henry Conan Pedic (left) welcomes Laurent Cabago (right) July 10, 2021, to his home in Tagore, C டிte d'Ivoire.

Voice for Reconciliation, Saturday, July 10, in Tagro, Central C மத்தியte d’Ivoire, by former President Laurent Cabago, Back in his country from mid-June, Was warmly welcomed by one of his predecessors, former rival Henry Conan Pedia.

In front of several hundred activists and their party executives, the two former heads of state openly hugged each other before holding hands for a few dozen meters, waving to the crowd and sitting side by side to attend several events. Texts, Agencies France-Press (AFP) Famous Journalists.

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In a speech of about thirty minutes, Laurent Cabago re-elected Ivory President Alessandro Ottara for the third time in 2020, ruling that the new decree was unconstitutional during a presidential election that was ignored by the opposition.

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“We can decide we don’t have a constitution and live like that. But if we have a constitution, we have to fight to be on the side of the constitution. Respect the scriptures!” he said. “Can Laurent Capaco meet Henry Conan Bedi without politics?” Suppose we are playing politics! “, Announced Laurent Kabagbo on stage with great applause.

“United for strong opposition”

Laurent Cabaco and Henry Conan Bedick have long been political rivals: During the 2010 presidential election, Henry Conan Bedik expressed his support for then-Mr. Presented to Alabama Otara by Kabago’s rival. The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecuted him for crimes against humanity during the 2010-2011 post-election violence.

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“He’s a real order giver, so he’s responsible.”, Then in an interview with Mr. Young Africa.

But after that, Mr. Bedi’s Democrat C டிte d’Ivoire (PTCI) became the main opposition party in 2018. Mr. Henry Conan Bedick. Kabago visited Brussels at the end of July 2019, where he lived on parole. Confirmation of his release before the ICC is pending.

Now for free, Mr. Cabaco returned to C டிte d’Ivoire on June 17, after which Mr. It was the first time I had met Bedi. “Sign of Reconciliation”, he said. “Bédié-Gbagbo, united for a strong opposition” : Ten years later, like many of the fighters’ shirts, waists and banners in Dougrow, this watchdog says union.

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In view of the next national elections, the possibility of an alliance between the PDCI and the leading People’s Ivorian (FBI) led by Laurent Capaco cannot be ruled out. The two parties have already joined forces in several constituencies in the March assembly elections.

“We can’t rule it out. It’s an alliance for the good of Ivory Coast, not against one.”, AFP pledges to Anthony Garrow, pro-Kabago deputy mayor of ura ragahio, which includes the constituency of Mama, the birthplace of Laurent Cabaco. “All Ivorians need to talk to each other”, President Ovatara will soon meet MM. Cabaco and Bedik.

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