January 17, 2022

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Two U.S. citizens and a former Colombian veteran have been implicated in the assassination of the president

The noise tightens around Assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moss. Police on Thursday announced the arrest of 15 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent amid controversy in the country over the role of the police and the legitimacy of the interim administration.

The assassination of President Moss, who was shot dead by bullets at his home from Tuesday to Wednesday night, was carried out by an armed commando of 28 assailants, the country’s police announced at a news conference Thursday evening. “We arrested 15 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent,” said Leon Charles, director general of the Haitian Police, who said three Colombians were killed and eight more were still on large scale. Until then the police had announced Killed “four mercenaries.”. The Colombian defense minister said at least six Colombians involved were believed to be ex-servicemen.

During the press conference, many of the suspects lined up to show the media against a wall, with Colombian passports and weapons placed on a table. “We already have physics teachers, we are looking for intelligent teachers,” he said earlier. Without confirming the arrest of U.S. citizens, the U.S. State Department announced Thursday that it had agreed to assist Haitian police in the investigation. According to the US ambassador to Haiti, the commando was created by “professional” assassins posing as officers of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Two police officers in a hot seat

At least two senior police officers directly responsible for the security of the head of state are themselves in a hot seat, Port-au-Prince’s attorney general announced Thursday. Mee Pett-Ford Clad, the government’s commissioner for capital, questioned the apparent inaction – or inaction – of the agents responsible for ensuring the safety of Jovnell Moss.

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In the country, everyone was searching Thursday, with shops, commercial banks, petrol pumps and small businesses closing their doors in major Haitian cities. The government on Thursday called for the airport to be reopened, with effect from Friday, and for a resumption of economic activity.

Two men claim to run the country

The attack further destabilizes America’s poorest country, which is plagued by insecurity. Questions about hunting down the perpetrators of the attack include those concerned about the future of the country, starting with its administration.

Claude Joseph, Prime Minister of Haiti on July 8, 2021.
Interim Haitian Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, July 8, 2021. – Joseph Odellin / Abi / Siba

Two men claim to lead the country, which currently has a population of 11 million, more than half of whom are under 20 years of age. One of the last political gestures of Joanne Moss, who died at the age of 53, was to appoint a new prime minister, Ariel Henry, on Monday. He has not yet taken office. But just hours after he was assassinated, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph himself declared a state of siege, giving the executive reinforced powers. The latter lasts two weeks. The political opposition has also accused Claude Joseph of monopolizing power.