January 22, 2022

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The UK is ready to expel dogs and cats from Kabul

The British Defense Minister promised to get the ex-soldier’s plane to fly.

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British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced on Wednesday, August 25 that he would allow dogs and cats living in the shelter to be evacuated from Afghanistan. Paul Farting, U.S.A.A former soldier who has taken refuge in Kabul wants to take his country’s 140 dogs and 60 cats on a plane with Afghan staff and their relatives.

The issue has been under discussion in the United Kingdom for days, with thousands of Afghans fleeing the country since the Taliban came to power, fearing a return to their repressive methods. “If he comes with his animals, we will look for a place for his plane.”, Wrote on Twitter about former British Navy member Ben Wallace.

The day before, however, he had said he was not going “Give priority to animals rather than hopeless men, women and children knocking on doors”. Minister “Must resign”, Then an animal rights activist became angry at the rise of Dominic Dyer. He was delighted Wednesday Tweet (In English) The softening of the ministerial post that he attributed to the intervention of Minister Boris Johnson.

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