May 22, 2022

The Roundup

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The Putkists claim to have captured President Conte, claiming that security has blocked them

Guinea special forces claim to have abducted the president, while the defense ministry argues that the situation is confusing.

In a video sent to an AFP reporter, Guinean special forces said they had captured President Alpha Conte this Sunday and wanted to “disband” the companies. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense claims to have thwarted their attack on the president, creating a confusing situation.

“The president who is currently with us (…) decided to dissolve the constitution and dissolve the institutions; we decided to dissolve the government and close the land and air borders,” said Lt. Col. Mamati Dumbboya, of the Special Forces, in uniform and armed.

Condemning “mismanagement” [un désordre lié à une mauvaise gestion, ndlr], Then he reiterated this statement on national television after 4pm, interrupting regular shows.

According to Luis Quimayo, a journalist and head of the African Information Agency, BFMTV interviewed them, believing that “they took their responsibility on the people” and “put an end to the abuses of the regime” and “confirms there” that other conspiracies would not be the same as in the past.

“One cannot justify that the President was not caught.”

To support their words, the Guinean special forces also released a video of President Alpha Conte in their hands. The Ministry of Defense acknowledged in a statement that the rebels had “sown fear (fear)” in Conakry before taking the direction of the Presidential Palace, saying “the security forces and the defense, the Presidential Guard backed by the faithful and the Republicans, have threatened and expelled the group of attackers.”

As for Luis Guimayo, “If we weren’t in deep hypocrisy [technique de trucage vidéo, ndlr]I don’t think we can reasonably say that President Alpha Conte was not caught. For now, these pictures prove he is, so even if the attack is thwarted, the intent to arrest the president has been achieved. “

To illustrate the reversal of the situation by special forces “set up by Alpha Conte”, the journalist specifically refers to “completely closed political dialogue”. A Western diplomat – speaking anonymously – explains to the AFP that the attempt to sideline the commander of the Special Forces, in the context of jealousy within the Armed Forces, is benefiting in high ways. Other security forces.

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A deep political and economic crisis

For months, despite substantial mineral and water resources, the West African country, one of the poorest in the world, has been mired in a deep political and economic crisis caused by the Govt-19 epidemic.

For the third time in 2020, Alpha Conte’s candidacy sparked months of tension, resulting in dozens of bloody political clashes in one country. Dozens of opponents were arrested before and after the election, denouncing “ballot stuffing” and all kinds of irregularities.

A dictatorial slide

Alfa Conte, 83, a former historian, became the first democratically elected president in Guinea in 2010 after decades of dictatorial rule. Human rights defenders have been critical of a dictatorial slide seen under his leadership for years and questioned the gains from the outset.

The president had already adopted in March 2020, despite the already strong controversy, a new constitution, he said, “modernize institutions” and, for example, give more space to women and youth. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. This struggle was severely suppressed on several occasions. On the contrary, he is proud of his improved human rights and the rehabilitation of a country that he claims is in ruins.