January 17, 2022

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The mysterious death of a couple, their baby and their dog in the California jungle

Climbers, their one-year-old child and their dog were found dead in a forest in Northern California last week.

No trace of a blow or bite, no obvious sign of poisoning or disease: A couple of climbers, their one-year-old child and their dog died were not resolved Monday. In Northern California last week.

The family, who sounded the alarm on August 16, were alarmed to find that their house was unoccupied. Police quickly found their vehicle at a nearby pedestrian opening in the Sierra National Forest, a short distance from the famous Yosemite Park.

The autopsy did not reveal anything conclusive

The next day, aides John Kerrish, 45, his wife Ellen Chung, 31, found their one-year-old daughter Miju and their pet in an isolated area known as the Devil’s Kulch (“Devil’s Valley”).

According to Le San Francisco ChronicleThe mother was just above the mountain when the man sat next to her baby and dog.

“You got there and everyone was dead. There were no gunshot wounds, no medicine bottles, not even a clue. This is a big mystery,” the county sheriff told the newspaper.

According to the American media, the family autopsy did not reveal anything definite. The unfortunate people may have been dehydrated because on the day of death the mercury reached almost 43 degrees Celsius, but it seems unlikely that the helpers had water with them.

Was addiction the cause of their death?

Investigators are now trying to find out if carbon monoxide escaped from an unused tunnel or if the victims were exposed to toxins released by “blue algae” growing in a yard.

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Toxic analysis of the victims is ongoing but the results may not be known for several weeks.

Cyanobacteria, nicknamed “blue algae”, can form in unbalanced aquatic environments with high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus under the influence of high temperatures.

About a month ago a “blue algae” warning was issued in the same area.

The California Water Control Authority took samples from the waterway in question to detect the presence of toxins that caused the deaths. Until further notice, she recommends “staying away from algae and debris” and not allowing children or animals to touch the water on this branch of the river.

Jean Blunt with AFP BFMTV Reporter