January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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The bus crash killed 10 people and injured 45 others

At least ten people were killed and dozens injured in these SundaysRoad annoyance from a coach in East Croatia, Police said. The
The passengers traveled on the regular route A police official told reporters that the German city of Frankfurt connects with the Kosovo capital, Pristina.

Kosovo ambassador to Zagreb Kesim Kasapolli told reporters that all the Kosovars had worked in Germany and returned home for the holidays. Authorities said there were 69 people on the bus, including two drivers. One of them died in the crash and the second was arrested on suspicion Due to getting off the road, A member of the prosecution told the press. Attorney Slavko Franிக்ois added that the suspect left him briefly.

Eight people were seriously injured

The passengers included 15 youths under the age of 18, including a seriously injured girl, officials said. A total of 45 people were injured in the Croatian city of Slavonsky Prat, near the scene of the tragedy, they were admitted to the hospital.

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