January 22, 2022

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The astrogenogenic test treatment may be effective in preventing Govit-19

Tests conducted have shown great effectiveness in preventing the development of severe forms, even in vulnerable populations.

The Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical group Astrogeneca announced on Friday that it is promoting the results of treatment against Govit-19, which will greatly reduce the risk of developing symptomatic form of the disease in vulnerable patients.

But by managing it before it comes in contact with the virus, Astrogeneka explains in a statement that there are results. In this case, it reduces the risk of developing symptomatic form by 77%, according to Phase 3 data, i.e. large-scale clinical trials designed to measure its safety and efficacy. Astrogeneka notes that there are no serious cases of Covit-19 or death. In these trials, conducted in Spain, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States, 5,197 participants, 75% of whom were diagnosed with the disease. The treatment was given inwardly.

A complementary solution to the vaccine

With these amazing results, AZD7442 can be an important tool in our arsenal and can help people who need more than the vaccine to get back to normal life.», Underlined by Myron Levine, professor at the University of Colorado in the United States and in charge of the experiment. “We need other approaches for people who are not well protected by the Govt-19 vaccine», Added Mene Bangalos, senior manager of AstraZeneca, which has promised to release additional data on tests later this year. The lab states that it will submit a file to health officials for verification under the terms of emergency use or treatment, the development of which is funded by the US government.

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AstraZeneca was one of the first to confirm the vaccine against Govt-19, although it has raised questions about its very rare side effects, prompting countries to restrict its use. In addition, an Oxford University study released on Thursday found that the Fischer / Bioentech vaccine may be more effective in fighting infections associated with the delta type of corona virus, but its effectiveness is declining faster than the vaccine. ‘