January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Shot in Larisis in front of his family

On the way back from a boat party, a dispute arises between two men in the fishing port of Larisisk. A murder in cold blood continues.

At the center of the matter, an argument. It is now difficult to find the real causes. But Patrick Desjardins, a lawyer in the Point-Pitre Republic, still provided us with the first elements of judicial information.

“At around 7:30 pm, the police intervened on several occasions to open fire on Larisis. Minutes after the second intervention, they found that a man had been shot dead without resurrection. It all started with a verbal dispute. The respondent was soon arrested and he is now Dzpj. He is being held in custody on the premises and is known to be unfavorable to the court.

“Wet after a boat trip”

On the edge of this evening, the young men, returning from the boat party, were well soaked. Not far from the group, next to a bar, is a family alliance. Among them, a source close to the victim spoke: “The mob of young people has landed. They were well soaked after the boat trip. They even played the provocative card.

More details in our tomorrow’s edition.

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