January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Scenes of chaos and despair at Darshala at Kabul Airport

U.S. officials, who have taken control of the site, have now decided that it is time for the military to stop the flights and restore order by early Monday.

The image of a large Chinook helicopter flying over the US Embassy in Kabul has already clearly shown the parallel between Kabul 2021 and Saigon 1975. The chaotic scenes at Hamid-Karzai Airport still resonate with the large Vietnamese port there. A century ago. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen can assure CNN “This is not Saigon”, Nothing works. “If it’s not Saigon 2.0, I do not know what it is.”, British Conservative MP Tobias Elwood.

On TVs and social networks, videos follow each other, with a huge number of people wandering the streets looking for a way out. The airport was the last island to escape Taliban control, and after almost all of Afghanistan, it took full control of the capital on Sunday evening. Looks good all the way. A small crowd, mostly young people, running like this, clinging to the gray of a large U.S. Air Force C-17 taxi, with a strange gait, on the way to the channel after it tunnels like a simple truck, Apache attack helicopters flying low over the runways, scaring the birds, making big birds They tried to scare people, as if to allow them to fly. Passengers were also shown access kangaroos taken by the storm, and the fight to slip into the clutches of the already saturated C-130 aircraft was exchanged to close the door of Come Airbus as it took off. This frustration led to tragedies. Five people are believed to have died, including two who were ambushed at the base of the plane.

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Over the weekend, 6,000 U.S. troops were fired upon to help bring the situation under control and evacuate the U.S. embassy. In panic, with frightened children, the families tried to escape with their heavy luggage.

U.S. officials are urging passengers not to go to the airport “for now.” According to a US official, traffic will resume soon

Many have no air tickets or visas, let alone a past relationship with the U.S. military, so almost no chance of leaving. “We are afraid to live in this city and we are trying to leave Kabul, Told another witness AFP. Like many others, this young man was attracted to the scene by rumors, completely unsubstantiated, directing applications. They say Canada welcomes all asylum seekers. “I lost my job because I served in the military. It is dangerous for me to live here because the Taliban will target me, of course.”, Explains one of the candidates.

In the face of this turmoil, U.S. officials who seized control of the area are now assigned only to the military, who decided to suspend flights early Monday morning, just in time to restore order. They also urge passengers not to surrender “for now” At the airport. Transportation will begin soon, according to a U.S. official. Diplomats, especially those from the US, French or British embassies, were also transferred to the airport on Sunday. This subtle start to the outflows already carries the risk of further prolonging a process that promises to last longer. Washington estimates that 30,000 people, including those who worked with the United States or Afghanistan, should be expelled. Berlin, which sent the planes, expects 10,000 Afghans to be expelled. France announced that two military planes were coming to return to the country “Some Dozen” French.

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Time is calculated. The Taliban, the new masters of the country, may increase pressure to speed up the departure. Army soldiers could be seen patrolling not far from the Air Force fences. According to the Pentagon, US forces shot dead two gunmen who entered the building on Monday. The Middle East Eye Base confirms the establishment of links between the US military and the Taliban in Qatar.

The Taliban dominated, setting up checkpoints at crossroads and going door-to-door, especially in businesses, to collect weapons or treat them as government property.

Far from the tension of the airport, the capital seemed relatively quiet. The Taliban dominate, setting up checkpoints at crossroads, house to house, especially in businesses, to collect weapons or treat them as government property. They re-established radio connections and took control of police stations. Taliban leaders, who are openly eager to protect their reputation, are spreading the news again and again “Mujahideen”Respect life, property and honor “ Citizens. Although the spokesman promised on Twitter, several NGOs, including the ICRC and the Medicines Sans frontiers, have announced their stay in Afghanistan. “Safe environment”. Looting scenes have been reported, but the Taliban say it was carried out by thieves. On the streets, traffic was unusually fluid and businesses were often closed.

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With little to say goodbye to President Ghani, power is still empty because of the fast flight. If the Presidential Palace is vacated, the chair will be officially vacant. The pursuit that the Taliban want to give is a mystery, while the movement wants to take its time. At Al Jazeera, a spokesman for the political wing promised a new executive “Quickly revealed”. Instead, a senior Taliban official who was interviewed by Reuters says no government will be formed. “As long as foreign troops remain in Afghanistan”. In Doha but also in Kabul, serious talks are underway to draw up definitions of future power.