January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Rare New York look for Baron and Melania Trump

Melania Trump filmed in New York for the first time since her husband ended his presidency. The former first lady was with her son Baron.

A rare New York origin Melania Trump. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the former First Lady was filmed coming and going from the Trump Tower where she lived before the election. Donald Trump In 2016. Accompanied by her 15-year-old son Baron, the former model did not show her emotions and covered her covered face with somewhat large dark glasses.

Melania Trump’s last public appearance January 20 and Air Force One landing in Palm Beach, Florida, She and her husband did not leave before Joe Biden’s inauguration, they did not attend – Donald Trump reiterates that the Democrats are only responsible for his victory in electoral fraud, a claim that has not been proven and the Trump team has received more than 60 defeats in the courts.

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Many Trump clans are not reuniting

Step “People“Melania Trump wants to return to the brilliant daily life she led before the 2005 campaign and the election of the man she married. She’s with her family, located in New Jersey and Bedminster, a Trump club.” As long as Donald is happy, it’s better to leave him alone, Will show up when needed. “Melania is happy to be with her own family members, including her son. She’s not stupid, she knows how to live her life so it’s possible as far as possible,” one source assured the weekly. “Melania grew up differently, and her parents and sister provide America They want to take advantage of everything they need. His family is not rich. ”

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Some meetings with Donald Trump’s adult children who immigrated to Florida: Donald Trump Jr. and his partner Kimberly Gilfoy, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Eric and Laura Trump, Tiffany Trump and his fiance Michael Loss. The situation in the Trump clan is tense over investigations into the Trump organization, which has led to allegations against the company’s chief financial officer, Alan Weiselberg. “She never wanted the attention of the press, now she hates it. She will do everything she can to avoid being photographed or interviewed. She is sensible and enjoys her life with her family.” The silence of the two women involved in the affair with Donald Trump is eager to buy.

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