January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Passengers in Canada face heavy fines for presenting false documents

They tried and failed. Of them Americans Arrived in Toronto,
CanadaOver the weekend of July 18 the country imposed higher fines by the authorities because they did not meet the health obligations required to enter the territory. In fact, two people have issued false certificates
Vaccine Or erroneous results and reports of tests carried out prior to their trip CNN, Monday.

Each passenger thus received four fines of 19,720 Canadian dollars, or about 13,300 euros. “Giving false information or documents to a government official entering Canada, submitting false statements or presenting fraudulent documents such as vaccination certificates can lead to serious crime and fines or criminal proceedings,” officials said in a statement.

Relaxation measures from August 9th

A fine of up to C $ 750,000 and a fine for issuing false immunization certificates, according to the Canadian Public Health Agency In prison Maximum six months. On July 5, Canada relaxed the normal rules for entry into its territory, before violating two passengers.

Since that date, fully vaccinated individuals have been allowed to re-enter Canada without isolation and testing. Generally, from August 9, all travelers are required to provide one PCR test When they arrive negative before departure, but very necessary. But they no longer have to undergo mandatory three-night isolation in a hotel. From September 7, 2021, Canada has announced the option of accepting all travelers with a complete immunization course, but with a product approved by the country.

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