January 17, 2022

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Nicola Maduro issues a final warning to the Kovacs organization to get vaccinated

As the lines grow in Venezuela to be vaccinated, President Nicolas Maduro issued a final warning to the Kovacs program on Sunday, July 4, aimed at ensuring equal access to 19 anti-Govt vaccines.

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“The Kovacs system failed. We have done our part (…) I have acted this week and given precise instructions (…) to give a final warning to the Kovacs organization: either we are being vaccinated or we are being refunded “According to Maduro on national television, his country has paid $ 120 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) without receiving anything.

“If we get a refund, we know where to buy it. We have already discussed with international companies. Cheating is enough.”, He clarified.

There has been a controversy for months about vaccines that Venezuela claims to have purchased through the Kovacs program. According to previous reports by President Maduro, the United States has withheld $ 10 million, the last payment from his country to benefit from Kovacs, due to US sanctions to oust Venezuela from power.

The environment of vaccine deficiency

The United States considers rival Juan Guido to be Venezuela’s interim president and does not recognize Nicolas Maduro as a legitimate president. For three years, they have increased diplomatic pressure and sanctions to remove power from power, but without success.

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In the wake of the vaccine shortage, Venezuela, which aims to vaccinate 70% of its 30 million people by the end of 2021, has been providing Russian Sputnik V and Chinese synoform vaccines since February.

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He also launched a vaccination campaign in early July with vaccination candidate Abdallah. In late June, the Venezuelan government announced it would sign “Contract for Distribution” Of the 12 million doses of the Cuban vaccine, 92 percent are effective, according to the laboratory that developed it.

The country has seen a sharp increase in the number of people affected since March, with 275,000 cases for more than 3,200 deaths, according to official figures.

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