January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Masood and his allies reorganized their forces in the Panjir Valley

Afghanistan is preparing for a “protracted conflict” if it does not reach an agreement with the anti-Taliban.

Armed forces in Afghanistan Compiled together in the Panjir Valley, Are getting ready “A protracted conflictIf they fail to negotiate with the Taliban first, their spokesman said in an interview with the AFP. Ali Maisam Nassari explained that since the Taliban came to power on August 15, after a meteoric military campaign, thousands of Afghans would either fight the new regime in the Panjir Valley northeast of Kabul or simply find a safe and secure refuge and continue their lives.

A show of force to negotiate with the Taliban

To be, Ahmed Masood, son of the famous general Ahmad Shah Masood, Assassinated by al-Qaeda on September 9, 2001, two days before the September 11 attacks in the United States, according to Ali Maisam Nasseri, about 9,000 armed men gathered.

Photos taken by AFP show dozens of personnel doing physical exercises and a few armored vehicles Humvees Rolling in the valley. The National Opposition Front (FNR) aims to prevent further bloodshed and promote a new form of government.

In the National Anti-Front, those who joined the August 21 training. Ahmed Sahal Arman / AFP

The condition of the peace agreement with the Taliban is decentralization, which guarantees social justice, equality, rights and freedoms for all.Ali Maisam Nazari, who is in charge of the Front’s external relations, announced. But the FNR is ready to intervene if the Taliban reject such a compromise on Friday, claiming Masood’s allegiance.A protracted conflict.

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The Taliban controls The majority of the countryBut in recent days, militants have appeared in some districts and contacted the FNR and started opposing the Islamists, Ali Maisam Nazari said. “Masood did not give an order in this sense, but they are all related to us», He confirmed. “The Taliban have sunk. They cannot be everywhere at the same time. Their resources are limited. They do not have the support of the majority (of the population)“, He added.

Masood distinguishes himself from the old government

Ali Maisam Nazari admitted that Ahmed Masood had a different view from the point of view of Amrullah Saleh, the country’s vice president before the Taliban took power. He took refuge in the Panjir Valley and promised to oppose them at all costs.

Mr. Saleh is in Punch. He decided to stay in the country without fleeingAli Maisam Nazari noticed. According to him, Saleh is strongly opposed to Pakistan, accusing him of continuing to support the Taliban, while Masood wants to maintain good relations with Islamabad. “Mr. Saleh Taliban and anti-Pakistan. This does not mean that it belongs to (our) movement. He’s in the punch line, and he’s respected. The goal at this time is to protect the panchayat and its people», A Repris Ali Maisam Nazari. ⁇If there is a little bit of aggression, because our fight is only defensive. If someone attacks us, we will protect ourselves.

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With the exception of Masood’s troops, there is a bunker to take refuge in the valley of 1,000 people displaced from all over Afghanistan. “In other provinces we see Panchir becoming a safe haven for all groups under threat“Among those who came were intellectuals, women and human rights defenders who feared they would be attacked by the Taliban.

In an article published on Wednesday, Masood called for arms from the United States The Washington Post . But Panjir needs humanitarian help to feed and care for all who have now arrived, Ali Maisam Nazari underlined.

Ahmed Masood will follow in his father’s footsteps

Young Masood is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and protect his people, and Ali Maisam Nazari has promised that the future of Afghanistan depends on the federal government to end the decades-long war.

This war is only one consequence of the conflict in Afghanistan. What caused the conflict was that Afghanistan is a country of minorities (…) and in a multi-ethnic country, you cannot have a group that dominates politics and others that are not represented by others.For Ali Maisam Nasser, the opposition of Masood and others in Afghanistan is needed to achieve such change. “Panjir is always a beacon of hope.

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