January 16, 2022

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Martin Moss, the widow of the assassinated president, describes the attack and criticizes the security

“I only saw their boots before they killed him.” Martin Moss, Widow of the President of Haiti
Jovnell Moss, Assassinated by armed commando in early July, described the attack
In an interview with the New York Times Released this Friday. He was wounded in the arm and flown to Florida for treatment.

On the night of July 7, the first woman was shot From Haiti Explains that on the advice of her husband, they hid their two children in the bathroom before lying on the floor. “I think you will be safe,” he said his last words to her. She said she was lying down because she was hit hard at first. “At the time, I felt like I was breathing blood in my mouth and I couldn’t breathe,” she explains. Members of the commando search the room, she says New York Times. She heard them talking to each other and to each other on the phone in Spanish. “They were looking for something in the room and they found it,” he says.

“Only oligarchy and organization can kill him”

In the American newspaper, Widow Moss admits his suspicions. “I don’t understand how anyone could be hit by bullets,” she says of the security forces that have to protect her husband. After the first shots, he called those responsible for his safety, he said. “I had Dmitry Hart, I had Jean Lockwell Civil,” he told her. “I was told that they were coming.

According to Martin Moss, those who cited the moment in this trial were the only executors. “Only oligarchy and organization can kill him,” he says. At New York Times, Which gives it a name: An influential businessman, recently entered politics, Rajnold Paul. The newspaper explains that he believes he has something to gain from him, other than accusing him of ordering the assassination. Reginald Paulus, who contacted the American daily, opposed the allegations and called for an independent international inquiry.

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Haitian police have arrested one person so far Twenty Colombian mercenaries And claims to have discovered a conspiracy organized by a group of Haitians with foreign relations, but there are many gray areas.