May 22, 2022

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Man killed by shark in Australia, second deadliest attack in country

A man in his twenties The shark was killed on Sunday off the coast of eastern AustraliaAccording to officials, surfers and swimmers volunteered to help him, despite “incredibly courageous” efforts.

The bomber struck shortly after 11 a.m. on Emerald Beach, about 500 km north of Sydney. Upon arrival, rescue services tried to rescue the victim with several swimmers and surfers, “said paramedic Chris Wilson, who was” incredibly courageous in the most dangerous situation. “


“Everyone on the beach was upset this morning,” he added. “The man sustained a hand injury, and despite the best efforts of passersby, rescuers and other emergency services, he could not be kept alive.” Access to the beach and surrounding water was closed after the crash.

This is the second deadly shark attack in Australian waters this year, according to the state-run wildlife agency Daronga Conservation Society. In 2020, there were 26 shark attacks in the country, including two fatalities.

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