January 17, 2022

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Macron was ready 60 years after the stage evolution of Wallis and Futuna

The law of the archipelago reconciles administration and traditional powers. According to the President of the Republic, this particular characteristic can be obtained by “further rooting in the Republic.”

Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, July 29th congratulated Wallis and Futuna on their 60th birthday.The Republic is very different“It will be formed if the people in charge of this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean want it.

«60 years ago, on July 29, 1961, Wallis and Futuna became French overseas territory.», The head of state recalled in a message recorded in Poppet on the last day of his trip to French Polynesia. Due to the Govt-19 crisis, he was unable to go there as he wished, and met with a group of political, regular and religious leaders from Wallis and Futuna there on Tuesday evening.

Welcome “Unchangeable bond“Between the territory and France, Emmanuel Macron ruled that the 1961 law had not been amended.”Its regional council, of course, has three regular monarchs as the head of the administration, which is very different from the republic, with its constituencies instead of municipalities.. Further “This specification does not refer to certainty. It is, no doubt, more entrenched in the Republic“, According to him.”This is a reflection of your own (…) Government will be at your disposal to come with you in this evolution.“,”Compliant way when the time comes“, He added in this video message.

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An archipelago with a population of 11,500

Local elected officials want to transfer executive power from the state to the Mata Uttu-based regional legislature. Located 16,000 km from the metropolis and with a population of 11,500, the archipelago has a position of compromising administrative and traditional forces: it recognizes three existence.KingdomsOne in Wallis and two in Futuna, as well as individual civil status, deviating from the common law and being faithful to ancestral rules based on marriage, mourning or child care.

Emmanuel Macron says he has “Awareness of worries“Among the many people living with their families 1900 km away in New Caledonia,”Who can be separated if yes wins for freedomIn a referendum to be held on December 12th. “After 60 years of common road, Wallis and Futuna will never be separated from France“And”The government will stand by you no matter what“, He promised. The President also highlighted public investment in improving submarine cable connections, including Futuna Hospital and a new high school.Massive and quick support“Brought on since the onset of the health crisis, he called on the islanders to get vaccinated against Govt, while in mid-July the area was re-liberated from Govt-19 and its borders are protected by a health lock.