January 22, 2022

The Roundup

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Kabul captured by Taliban, panic at airport

The President acknowledged the victory of the Taliban. “Taliban wins” On Sunday evening, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was recognized and fleeing abroad, while rebels chanted victory slogans at the presidential palace in Kabul. Nearly twenty years after being ousted from power, the Taliban have been enjoying total victory since the collapse of government forces without US support.

According to Al Jazeera news channel, Ashraf Ghani fled on Sunday as the rebels surrounded the capital, where they last entered the presidential palace. “Our country was liberated in Afghanistan and Mujahideen won”, An insurgent in the building told Al Jazeera.

“The Taliban won by the verdict of their swords and guns and are now responsible for the dignity, possession and self-defense of their country.”, Ashraf Ghani admitted on Facebook. He said he would leave Afghanistan for an avoidance “Blood bath”, Car “Countless patriots would have been killed” And capital “Destroyed”. Ashraf Ghani did not say where he was going, but Tolo, an Afghan media group, said he had gone to Tajikistan.

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