May 22, 2022

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In Guinea, the leader of the Buddhistists seeks to reassure foreign partners and investors

The leader of the gamblers in Guinea sought to reassure shareholders and foreign investors that the new owners of Conakry, who said on Sunday that he had seized President Alpha Conte on Monday, September 6, would keep their commitment.

Confirmed by the group formed by the Putkists “ Economic and financial partners for the normal functioning of the country “Lt. Col. Mamati Dumbboya said in a speech. He “Must respect all its obligations”, He added, asking the mining companies to continue their operations.

Step: Putkists say the coup attempt is to stop President Alpha Conte

The lieutenant colonel promised that an would be established “Government of National Unity” Responsible for guiding a period “Change” Politics, and promised not “Witch Hunt” Against the old power. However, Mamadi Dambuya did not specify the time or change of the consultation.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Special Forces addressed the gathering in uniform of former ministers and leaders of key institutions, in a large tent outside the People’s Palace, outside the Parliamentary seat, under a penalty considered a consideration. “Rebellion”.

The conspiracy was condemned by the international community

This coup was part of the country’s oppressed history, tested despite its substantial mineral and water resources, led by dictatorial or dictatorial regimes since independence in 1958, and was routinely subject to the brutal actions of its armed forces.

However, no casualties were officially reported, although automatic weapons seriously exploded in central Conakry on Sunday morning. No major incident has been reported since then, with Lieutenant-Colonel Dumboya working to reassure his fellow citizens.

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The move was condemned by much of the international community, but hundreds of Guineans shouted as the country’s new strongman arrived at the People’s Palace. “Freedom, freedom!” Where “Long live the army!” “

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Usually cabinets, the capital of Guinea, arose under curfew order, moving slowly Monday morning. Soldiers set up roadblocks at the entrance to the city center, under the control of special forces, assisted by some men from the Autonomous Battalion of the Air Force.

Armed and helmeted soldiers were barred from entering the presidential palace. Many shops were closed and the central market in Medina was surprisingly inactive. The silence was interrupted by the applause of some residents on the street as military vehicles passed at full speed.

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