January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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In Brazil, one in five people are vaccinated against goiter

Pfizer, Koronavak or AstraZeneca, he had it all, or almost. A resident of Rio de Janeiro must explain to health officials how he was able to get the five-dose vaccine against covid disease in ten weeks. The municipality of Rio wrote in a letter to the AFP on Friday, August 20, that health officials who had been vaccinated five times would be contacted.To explainHow was he able to get these injections at many vaccination centers?

Between May 12 and July 21, the person received two doses of Pfizer vaccine, two coronavacs and one AstraZeneca, which, according to TV Globo, was able to view the digital vaccination record of a resident of the western part of Rio. He was occasionally vaccinated with two doses at intervals of 13 days. It was discovered on August 16 when he tried to get the 6th dose. According to the G1 news site, the municipality explained that the man went to three different vaccination centers and took advantage of the computer crash. The Health Secretariat said it had done its part. “Identify this man in his records“And he will take”Necessary actions.

To be vaccinated, Brazilians must be of the age corresponding to the reported schedule, current identification and injection certificate of the first drug before receiving the second drug. Vaccination centers do not offer a choice between different vaccines. The city of Rio, which is most affected by the corona virus, had to stop vaccinating its people several times due to a lack of vaccines.

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But hundreds of fraud cases have been reported in states such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Minas Gerais that run vaccination centers. Brazil is the second worst-hit country after the United States with more than 570,000 deaths from Covit-19. But in Brazil, unlike many other countries, the adherence to the vaccine is very high.