January 17, 2022

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In Afghanistan, the image of women is disappearing – liberation

A few days after the Taliban came to power, pictures of women disappeared from the streets and from a public television station. Journalist Shabnam Tawran said in a video that he was prevented from working.

Four days later Seizing their powerThe Taliban continue to work to exterminate Afghan women in public. Journalist Shabnam Tawran said in a video posted online this week that he was banned from working on his channel after pictures of women adorning windows, especially after gradually wearing masks on the streets of Kabul.

Wearing a veil and showing her company card, she explains that unlike her male counterparts “I was not let in”. “Those who listen to me, if the world listens to me, please help us because our lives are in danger.”, The journalist of the public television RDA was warned in this video, for which he worked for six years. “Male employees with office cards were allowed to enter the office, but were told I could not continue to perform my duties as the system changed.”Shabnam Tawran continued. “I was told:” You are a woman, go and sit in your place “He said this in an interview with India Today.

Miraka Bhopal, editor-in-chief of Tolo News, Afghanistan’s private 24 – hour news channel, was one of the first to share the journalist’s video. The Taliban did not allow my former colleague […] Shabnam Tawran starts working today.He wrote in a tweet shared thousands of times on Wednesday. The previous day, he had posted a photo of the Dolo News editor on the same social network with the following title: “We resumed our broadcast today with female providers.”

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Shabnam Tawran’s testimony contradicts the Taliban’s claims that the media is free and independent. There was also a Taliban officer Performed alongside a female journalist For a face-to-face interview.

Images of women on the streets of Kabul disappear

Surprisingly, the international community and many Afghans were very skeptical of the Taliban’s promises. Kabul has already changed its face. Posters and photos of women adorning the windows were masked or destroyed in the Afghan capital. Over the past twenty years, hundreds of beauty salons have thrived in Kabul, employing cosmetics and manicure. Under the first yoke of the Taliban between 1996 and 2001, the whole body was hidden from view, a real novelty for some women who grew up with Barda.

But here are the fundamentalists again, with the Taliban on the doorstep of the capital last week, who already bleached the windows to cover up the widespread laughter of women in Kabul wedding attire. This Tuesday, the facades of beauty salons were covered with black paint to cover the faces of models. Often a Taliban militant patrolled the front, with the attacker’s shoulder hanging over his shoulder.

“Let the women work”

In the five years they have ruled the country, the Taliban have imposed the most severe version of Islamic law. Girls were barred from going out, working, and going to school without the male chaperone. Women convicted of crimes such as prostitution were whipped and stoned.

Show a confident face and convince them that they have changed, The Taliban made the pledge on Tuesday “Let the women work”, Before adding “According to the Principles of Islam”, Without further details. Spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said that Barda will no longer be mandatory. He also said that women are allowed to study at the university. Girls’ schools were also open. During the Taliban’s advance, however, the media reported on individuals or widows being forced to marry militants. A spokesman denied the allegations “Campaign”.

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Global support

Demonstrations were organized around the world in support of the Afghan public, especially women and girls. Wednesday, in a joint statement, The European Union and the United States have stated “Deep Concern” The situation of women In Afghanistan, it calls for the avoidance of the Taliban “All forms of discrimination and abuse” And protect their rights.

In July, the manager of a beauty salon in Kabul told the AFP he hoped to close it if the Taliban came to power again. “If they come back, we will not have freedom now.”, Asked to be anonymous, scared a 27-year-old young woman. She assured him: “They don’t want women to work.”

The article was updated on Thursday, August 19 at 7 p.m. After the expulsion of Afghan TV journalist Shabnam Tawran.