January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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He was sentenced to a new three-week prison sentence on Friday

He didn’t go there in four ways. Speaking of “sorry Situation in Martinique“, From”

The explosion of the hospital is a miraculous resurgence that we are suffering from the continued reluctance of a section of the population to be vaccinated, ”said Prelate Stanislas Casellus, who announced a new three-week prison sentence. It will take effect at 7pm on Friday with the aim of preventing a new epidemic Corona virus.

According to him, the island is facing a fourth wave, which “mostly” surpassed previous peaks, with 3,537 cases registered last week and already more than 1,100, four times higher than the national average (16, 4) against 4.1%).

Curfew at 7 p.m.

In practice, a certificate is required for all trips over 10 km. The curfew will be brought forward at 7pm and teleworking is recommended. The main difference of the previous prison: the shops, regardless of whether they are essential or non-essential, can remain open if the mask is guaranteed to be worn.

According to the prefect, “most cultural activities can be carried out in disguise” and places of worship can open their doors. On the other hand, “non-masked activities, mainly restaurants, sports halls, indoor sports halls cannot continue their function”. Facing economic impact, area operational activities and solidarity funds will be maintained.

Martinique is not the only hot spot. The situation is deteriorating almost everywhere abroad. Wednesday, A state of emergency has been declared In Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Bartholomew. In Martinique, 52,334 people, or only 16% of the population aged 12 and over, are fully vaccinated. More than 50% nationally.

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