January 17, 2022

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Govt-19: “Several studies suggest that joint immunity is not possible through delta variation”

Compared with the previous strains, the delta variant inhibits immunity due to its ability to respond rapidly. Many British studies call for caution. The path to joint immunity seems to be even longer and twisting.

The warning statement of Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, is worrying. According to His words were reported in the Guardian newspaper This Tuesday, August 10, “Joint immunity is not possible with delta variation”. According to the expert, this variation will always affect people who have been vaccinated “we have nothing to completely prevent this transmission”.

In fact, although existing vaccines are very effective in preventing Govt-19-related serious illness and death, they do not prevent a person from contracting the same virus. “The delta variant will always affect those who have been vaccinated. This means that anyone who is not vaccinated at some point will still be exposed to the virus … and we have nothing to completely prevent this transmission,” said Professor Sir Andrew Pollard. .

“Among those who have been vaccinated – we need time to see if there is evidence of an increase in hospital deaths”

The immune system is not the totem

In Recent study by Imperial College London, People between the ages of 18 and 64 who are fully vaccinated are 49% less likely to be infected compared to those who are not infected. The results also indicated that people who were fully vaccinated after contact with Covid (3.84% vs. 7.23%) were three times less likely to have a positive test.

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In short, the vaccine against Govt-19 does not completely prevent the spread of Govt-19. In Iceland, for example, it is already wondering about its joint immunization strategy. On the spot, if the vaccine prevents serious events, it will not prevent the progression of the delta variant. At this point, moreover, Icelandic health officials are considering abandoning the general vaccination strategy.