January 17, 2022

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Govt-19: Donald Trump yells in Alabama after being vaccinated

It is not clear what they want to hear. Supporters of Donald Trump, who traveled to listen to the former US president during a rally in Gulman, chanted after he suggested vaccinating against Govt-19. NBC News.

“You know what? I fully believe in your freedom. Really. Donald Trump said you have to do what you have to do. But I recommend: get vaccinated. I did. Well done. Get vaccinated.” Despite wearing a low mask, the 45th President of the United States is not sure about this. Hissing and posing did not take long to come.

One step further, two steps back: the former leader was eager to return to politics and win his election base (8 out of 10 Americans voted for Trump in the last US presidential election in Alabama), emphasizing the importance of everyone’s freedom. When re-emphasizing the importance of vaccination.

Very reluctant to be vaccinated, Gullman, the host city of the rally, declared a health emergency on Thursday, two days before Donald Trump’s speech. She comes from Exceeded the peak of pollution, Reached last December.

The word of the escapee from the cove, so what?

“It’s okay. You ‘re free, he answered after the whistles. But I got the vaccine. If it’s not working, you’ll know first. Okay? I’m calling Alabama. Hey, what do you know? But the vaccine works. But of course, you are free and must have this freedom. “

Govt-19 fell ill last October Donald Trump was hit hard A few months later, the New York Times revealed that he was willing to admit it. The American newspaper reports that even his relatives feared he would have to be placed on a respirator. The importance of vaccination is not enough to convince its most staunch supporters.

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