January 17, 2022

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Gov. 19: Pope Francis calls for vaccination for the benefit of all

On Wednesday, August 18, Pope Francis called for a vaccine against Govt-19, ensuring that the vaccine would end the epidemic, and only if everyone made their contribution.

“Thanks to the work of God and many others, we now have vaccines to protect us from the corona virus,” Pope said in a video message to the American Nonprofit, Advertising Council and Govt Cooperative, public health committee experts and former U.S. politicians. “They give us hope to end the epidemic, but only if they are available to all, if we work together,” Pope said.

According to Pope Francis, vaccination is an ethical obligation

Vaccines are widely available in developed countries, but pessimism and reluctance make many people refuse the vaccine, making them particularly vulnerable to the spread of the delta variant. Poor countries still do not have adequate vaccines. Medical experts have warned that even more dangerous variations could develop if the virus is allowed to spread among large groups of people who have not been vaccinated. Pope Francis was vaccinated in March and said at the time that it was a moral obligation.

“Vaccination is a simple but profound way to promote the common good and to take care of one another, especially the most vulnerable. I pray to God that everyone will bring their little sandbag, a small gesture of love,” Pope said. His last video message. The Advertising Council and the Govt jointly aired several public service announcements about vaccines to the American people in January on television, websites and social media. In a statement, the Advertising Council said the pope’s message reflected his first campaign to reach a global audience.

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