January 17, 2022

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Five people are still missing after a Dixie fire in California

August 6, 2021 Firefighters put out a Dixie fire near Greenville, California.

California authorities were still without news as at least five people were killed in a devastating fire after a Dixie fire broke out on Saturday, August 7, which is currently affecting the U.S. West and continuing its insane course.

The third-largest fire in California history this week destroyed businesses and homes in the small town of Greenville and the village of Condom. Since declaring itself in mid-July it has already swallowed more than 180,000 hectares in four districts, according to the California Fire Department, which could only be 21% of its surface area.

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He said the Blooms County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of five people believed to be missing in Greenville and a search is ongoing. Five more people were found missing.

Refusal to vacate

Despite repeated evacuation orders from authorities, some residents fought the fire on their own, fearing their security would not be handed over to strangers. The mild weather should give a little respite to the 5,000 firefighters who put out the fire, which is already bigger than the city of Los Angeles. “Our units continue to operate around Silver Lake”, Not far from where firefighters rested between shifts, said California Fire Officer Jack Goggle.

Prolonged drought, which scientists believe is linked to climate change, has made Western America particularly vulnerable to these devastating fires. And Dixie Fire is so big that it now creates its own climate, including lightning, making its path even more uncertain.

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According to preliminary investigations, the fire was caused by a tree falling on one of the thousands of power cables crossing the U.S. mainland. The power line Pacific Gas & Company (PG&E), a private operator already behind the campfire, said the fire almost wiped the city of Paradise off the map, killing 86 people just a few kilometers away in 2018.

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