January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Find out the country-to-country vaccination rate

Strong disparities in vaccination are found between EU countries. Thus only 14.5% of Bulgarians and almost 77% are fully vaccinated against Maltese.

Two for one. According to an account made by our colleagues from the AFP, one in two people in the EU is fully vaccinated against Govt-19. In total, this represents 223.8 million people who received two doses, one dose or one dose after recovery.

However, this is average for all member states because in 27 member countries, not all of them reach 50% of the value. They are still a long way off for some. So an overview is needed to see who are the good and bad students of the vaccine.

Important point: This is a question of those who have been completely vaccinated, not of those who have been vaccinated for the first time. The number and percentage of people receiving the first dose for each country is not specified in our chart.


France has a complete immunization schedule for 36,042,667 people, viz. 53.5% of the total population. According to the Ministry of Health, this is 66% of adults.


43,708,441 people have been fully vaccinated in Germany, which is higher than in France but not based on vaccine coverage. 52.6% of the German population Now fully vaccinated.


52.4% of the Austrian population (I.e. 4,644,762 people) completed the vaccination schedule on August 2, 2021 according to the latest data released by Our World Data.


They have 33,183,256 Italians completing the vaccination schedule, viz. 61.44% of the population is over 12 years of age. The vaccine has been open to adolescents since June.

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According to data compiled by the site Our world in data, Greece presents on August 3, 2021 Absolute vaccination rate of 50.19% of its population.


Republic of Cyprus extends vaccine against Govt-19 to minors over 12 years of age 51.75% up to August 2 selon in our world data.


27,437,503 Spaniards have been fully vaccinated against Govt-19 Recent figures from the Spanish Ministry of Health, It 57.8% of the total population as of August 3, 2021.


Of these, 5,019,116 were Portuguese, who received two doses of the vaccine, according to the latest data contacted by the Portuguese Directorate General, viz. 57.97% of the population selon in our world data.


On August 1, 6,829,579 Belgians were vaccinated Recent epidemiological announcement by health officials, It 59.2% of the population in Belgium.


The Luxembourg Ministry of Health 320,781 people received their two doses and were fully vaccinated against the corona virus. These are 52.3% of Luxembourg residents Those who have been fully vaccinated.


Recent data released by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVMAs of July 28, 8,658,776 Dutch people had been fully vaccinated. The country is crossing the milestone of being one of only two people to be fully vaccinated (50.1%)


The Danish authorities As of August 3, 2021, 3,254,146 people had been fully vaccinated, viz. 63.2% of the population is eligible for the vaccine (5,150,000) in Denmark.


4,266,100 Swedes received two doses of the vaccine on August 3, 2021, viz. 52.1% of the adult population And 42.24% of the total population according to our global data.

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35.6% of Finnish population Fully vaccinated according to our global database of data reporting since August 3rd.


Vaccination is declining in Bulgaria. The latest figures show that 1,013,254 Bulgarians have been fully vaccinated, viz. Only 14.5% of the population. Problem: The number of first injections did not increase as 14.8% of people received a single dose on the same date. This is the poorest student vaccinated in EU member states.


The Hungarian government announced on Wednesday, August 4, that 5,462,987 people in the country had received two doses, viz. About 56% of the total population of Hungary.


17,590,257 received Two vaccines in Poland. The country has a vaccination rate46.3% as of August 3.

Czech Republic

Report by Czech health officials By August 3, 4,930,536 people had been fully vaccinated, It 46.3% of its population.


Romania is only the second most backward member country 25.1% of the population was fully vaccinated Until August 2, 2021 Open world data.


36.6% are Croatian (1,493,859) are fully vaccinated as of August 2, 2021 The data were reported by the Croatian government.


2,043,088 received their two-dose vaccine Slovakia, It About 37% of the total population.


815,398 Slovenes provide a complete vaccine, viz 39.2% of the general population According to the latest statistics from our world data.


Estonian health officials say 569,508 people have been fully vaccinated against Kovit-19 as of August 4, ie. 42.85% of the country’s population.


1,260,578 Lithuanians have been fully vaccinated According to officials, It 45.1% of the total population.

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36% of the population It received its two-dose vaccine in Latvia on August 3, which represents 690,746 people worldwide according to the data.


On August 3, 2,594,735 people received two doses Ireland But the country counts about 200,000 extra people out of the total population with a complete vaccination schedule. As of August 2, the percentage of the total vaccinated population was 56.8%.


According to the latest government figures, 387,400 people in Malta have been fully vaccinated, viz. Less than 77% of the total population, EU record for a country.

To date, four vaccines have been approved in the European Union, developed by Pfizer / Bioentech, Moderna, AstroGeneca / Oxford and Johnson & Johnson. In addition to these vaccines, Hungary and Slovakia also use vaccines not approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) developed in Russia or China.

Higue Garnier with AFP BFMTV Reporter