January 17, 2022

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Extended health pass for transportation, restaurants and teachers

On the terrace of a restaurant in Milan, Italy

Italy imitates its French neighbor model for using the vaccine passport. On Thursday, August 5, the Italian government made a health pass mandatory for teachers, public transport users – domestic airlines, boats and long-distance railroads – and restaurant customers.

The “Green Boss”, An extension of the EU (EU) Digital Covit-19 certification, will be available in cinemas, museums and sports halls from August 6 or in restaurants within the establishment. 1 It will be mandatory for passengers on domestic flights, long distance trains and some boatsThere is September.

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This pass will prove that its holder has been vaccinated with at least one dose, even if he or she has been infected with Govt-19 for the past six months or has tested negative for the virus in the last 48 hours. School and university staff and university students must have a health degree. Teachers who do not have a health pass for five days in a row will be suspended and their salaries suspended, Italian media reported.

86% of school staff were vaccinated

Education Minister Patrigio Pianchi told a news conference that more than 86% of school staff had been vaccinated and that the figure was close to 90%. Health Minister Roberto Speranza called on families to vaccinate children over the age of 12, and said adolescents could access rapid diagnostic tests at low cost.

Roberto Speranza, health card, provoked protests in some neighborhoods, saying it was important to prevent an increase in the number of contaminants and called on Italians to be vaccinated.

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“Statistics are encouraging, 70 million doses are administered”, The Minister underlined. Health Pass Application “Protecting Freedom from Closure”, He argued. The isolation period associated with a positive test or with a Covit-19 patient is reduced to 10 to 7 days for those who have been vaccinated.

Italy is the first European country to vaccinate physicians and health workers in the public and private sectors. Those who have not been vaccinated are prohibited from interacting with patients. A group of 300 Italian caregivers has gone to court to rescind this obligation.

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