January 17, 2022

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European Commission threatens Hungary with violations if it does not change its “homosexuality” law

Ursula van der Leyn, President of the European Commission at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, July 7.

To the President of the European Commission, Hungarian law Prohibits the dissemination of homosexual content to minors A “Shame”. Ursula van der Leyen on Wednesday (July 7) threatened to launch a breach of the law against Hungary if it does not change its law on discrimination against LGBT + people, which will take effect on Thursday.

“If Hungary does not rectify the situation, the Commission will use the powers vested in it in its capacity as guardians of the treaties.”, A German official told the European Parliament.

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Proper notice

Brussels can open a breach of procedure for violating European law, which could lead to the recommendation of the European Court of Justice (EU) and fines. According to a European source, the formal notification letter should not be sent until mid-July.

The commission sent its first letter to Hungarian authorities in late June “Legal Concerns” In a speech adopted on June 15, it provoked the anger of European leaders.

“Let it be clear, we exercise these powers regardless of member states violating European law.”, a souligné Ursula van der Leyen. “Since the beginning of my decree, we have initiated some forty violations of the rule of law and other European values ​​referred to in Section 2 of the Convention.”, She recalled.

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