January 17, 2022

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Elsa will turn into a hurricane and Martinique can be kept awake

Hurricane Elsa strengthened this Friday morning (July 2, 2021) as it approached the southern Lesser Antilles as a Type 1 hurricane. Martinique may be placed in Hurricane Orange Awareness before noon.

Elsa is on par with Barbados this Friday morning (July 2, 2021) and has strengthened slightly over the past 1 hour to become a Type 1 hurricane, Refer to American experts.

With strong winds blowing over 100 km / h, rainfall passes south of the Martinique and moves northwest over the region.

Areas from the Atlantic Coast, the Dominica Canal, and the Saint-Lucy Canal to the Ances de Arlette may be affected by submergence in localized waters due to sea invasion of some nearby beaches or roads.

The fainting of the boats will slip.

From the Gulf of Fort de France to the northern Caribbean, the expected holes are of lesser importance, but unusual waves are possible.

Lamentin Meteorological Center

Since yesterday, Martinique has been on orange warning of heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, waves and submergence in seawater, but due to the strength of the event, It is not excluded that the area was placed in a hurricane with orange alert before noon.

Behavioral counseling

Baths, Divers, Fishermen and Walkers:

Avoid sea voyages, swimming and recreational water activities.
Beware of beaches: Beware of rollers and breaking waves!

Boats and Maritime Professionals:

Protect boats by giving them shelter or by pulling them out of the water
If you have to be aboard, be especially careful when traveling and wear emergency equipment.
Be especially careful if you have to go out to sea.
At sea, take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety if you fall into the water

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Coastal People:

If you live at sea, be prepared to protect your belongings from being damaged by rising water or washed away by the waves. Watch the rising water.

When traveling by car, drive with caution, control your speed, and do not enter roads that are already swollen or flooded.