January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Drivers in Berlin during anti-prison protests

Decided to fight against hundreds of people who were hostile to the regulations Govit-19 Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Sunday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Some opponents said the police said that the officers on the neighborhood were “disturbed and attacked”
Charlottenburg, West of the capital
GermanAnd ignored roadblocks in the city.

They tried to break the police chain. This led to the use of annoying gases, beatings and physical violence, ā€¯Berlin police tweeted, and several others were arrested. The demonstration was organized by the Quartenker (independent thinkers) movement, which has emerged as a major voice of criticism against the health restrictions imposed in Germany. It blocked many of the demonstrations scheduled for this weekend, especially the gathering of about 22,500 people on Sunday.

“Not for Corona’s dictatorship”

The court ruled that while the number of epidemics in Germany was rising again, participants could not be allowed to hold these meetings for fear that they would violate the rules regarding masking and social exclusion. Berlin police have mobilized more than 2,000 officers across the city in anticipation of a banned protest. Some protesters carried banners declaring “freedom” or “no corona dictatorship,” and only a handful of masks were seen in the crowd.

The Quartenker movement unites far-left members, conspiracy theorists, vaccine opponents and far-right supporters. Their protests are attracting thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of people. Many of these meetings turned violent.

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