May 22, 2022

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Cancer patients will not eventually be affected by the 3rd dose of the anti-govt vaccine

They were previously on the list of vulnerable individuals who could get the third dose of the corona virus vaccine.

Contrary to what officials said earlier this week, Israel announced Sunday that cancer patients are not on the list of vulnerable individuals eligible for a third dose of the corona virus vaccine.

The Jewish government began giving a third dose of the vaccine Monday to patients with weakened immune systems, including patients with cancer who are considered to be “treated with immunosuppressive drugs that do not produce satisfactory levels of antibodies after two doses”.

But the Ministry of Health finally reversed its decision and said that after reading the oncology department’s data on hundreds of patients, people were “not recommended at this stage to be vaccinated” for the third time.

“Nearly 90% of chemotherapy patients develop antibodies after vaccination (two doses) and have high antibody levels for several months after vaccination,” the ministry said. In addition, the vaccine can cause side effects (…) which can affect treatment, “he says.

A spokesman for Israel’s largest Sheba hospital in the Tel Aviv area received a third dose for dozens of people Monday.

Doubts in Europe

The Hebrew government was one of the first to launch an extensive vaccination campaign in mid-December, which quickly delivered millions of dollars to the country due to a deal with pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Data company Biotech on the effects of its vaccine.

Both laboratories announced on July 8 that the third dose would be approved in the United States and Europe.

However, European officials believe it is “too early” to determine whether a new dose is really necessary, while the WHO is concerned about the possibility that the generalization of the third dose could be harmful to its citizens. Vaccines are not yet accessible.

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