January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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Calls for the “deportation” of a joint ruler

The province of Pointe-P-Pitre on Friday condemned a local collective call for a constitutional “deportation”. Guadeloupe,
Alexandre Rochett, He accused of poor management of the health crisis.

The region, which canceled a meeting scheduled for Friday with the association, reports to the public prosecutor’s office that these are “particularly insulting and inappropriate statements,” said Christine Gangloff Ziegler, director of the Regional Institute for Health (ARS) and Rector of the Valerie Denex and Academy. The meeting was announced on Tuesday following the disruption of Maun Quadloop, a member of the association, in the safe area of ​​Point-Pitre Airport.

Faced with a more “serious” health condition due to Govt-19, the government has decidedEport for September 13th Beginning of the academic year in the West Indies. Guadeloupe will have 1,822 cases per 100,000 population seen on August 20, particularly due to the Govt impact.

Broken negotiations

“Spontaneously and wholeheartedly, by marking the darkest hours of our history, the members of this association have reaffirmed their willingness to reject any opportunity for peaceful exchanges,” the province said in a statement on Friday.

The Mount Quadloop Coalition, on social networks, condemns the management of the health crisis by the authorities and is heard through punches such as the airport occupation. These comments on the deportation of politics will be made according to the region during the talks that followed the illegal occupation of the airport.

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