January 17, 2022

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Boris Johnson has just finished wearing a mask in England

Relaxing in “Personal responsibility“In each case, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the end of the obligation to wear masks and social distances in the United Kingdom on Monday (July 5), two weeks after the press conference.” The measures are a controversial decision due to the increase in pollution caused by the delta variance.The government should confirm this choice on July 12.

When admitting that it is contagious “Far away” And those contaminants continued to rise “50,000 per day by July 19”, Boris Johnson explained that he just wanted to “Help people make informed decisions about how to deal with the virus”. However, the Conservative leader called “Be careful”, Indicating that he would wear a mask in crowded places.

In order to return to a kind of default, Boris Johnson announced that teleworking would no longer be recommended, that theaters and theaters could be opened at full capacity, and that discos would be allowed to accommodate the public. There will no longer be limits on the number of guests attending a wedding or funeral or at home.

Boris Johnson, who promised the British he wanted to go on vacation, confirmed that he wanted to end the compulsory isolation of all vaccinated travelers returning from a country classified as “orange”, including major European tourist sites such as France, Italy and France. Spain. An announcement from the Minister of Transport is expected this week.

Originally scheduled for June 21, the removal of the last blockade was postponed for a month to July 19 due to the eruption of the delta variant, which is highly contagious. This variation, which was initially detected in India, now represents almost all new phenomena in the UK, with daily pollutants approaching 30,000 in recent days.

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Labor leader Khair Stormer ruled “It is unwise to remove all protections at once as the infection rate continues to rise.”. Public opinion seems to be on its side: A poll of 2,649 British adults found that 71% of the public wanted masks to be mandatory on public transport and in shops. In the United Kingdom, each province faces its own health crisis and sets its own timetable. Scotland, Wales and Ireland have chosen to slow down deregulation.