January 17, 2022

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Angela Merkel goes to disaster areas

Saturday, July 17, 2021 Flood in Bischoffsweiss, southern Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel discovers ruined landscapes on Sunday, July 18 “Of the century” In Western Europe, at least 183 people were killed in Germany and Belgium, the number missing every day.

MMe Merkel arrived in the Rhineland-Palatinate in the southwest of the country at 1pm, one of the worst regions in the country where 110 out of a total of 156 people died. 27 people died in Belgium. Looking at the tomb, Chancellor Schultz began to talk about the catastrophe that had struck the village, not far from the gold, where the Ahr River had destroyed part of the city, according to images aired on television.

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As the trend in the west of the country continues to decline, the situation on the border between Germany and Austria is deteriorating further south. Due to heavy localized rain, flooding has been reported and a death toll is expected on the German side, police said overnight from Saturday to Sunday. A “disaster plan” has been announced in the German district of Berchteskaten. In Austria, the city of Hall is flooded and firefighters in the Salzburg and Tyrol areas are on high alert.

Billions of euros for reconstruction

Olaf Scholes, deputy federal minister and finance minister, announced next week that he would adopt a cabinet plan to provide emergency assistance to victims. The Minister of Social Democracy said it should be at least 300 million euros Newspaper Sunday film, He also promised to establish a multi-billion euro extensive reconstruction plan. Despite this bad weather, the EU has reaffirmed its support, which has affected the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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In Tens of thousands of Germans have seen it Their homes were destroyed and there were cuts to electricity, gas or telephone connections … some roads were closed, bridges were submerged, cities were buried under rubble. “This is a real disaster, I’m sorry”Angela Merkel, during a visit to the United States, witnessed flash flooding in the middle of the week, witnesses described “Tsunami”, of Tsunamis.

Report: “We lost everything. But at least we have survivors ”: Bad Nunehr-Ahrwheiler, affected by floods
Settlement work began on Saturday, July 17, 2021 in the municipality of Schultz in West Germany.

In all the affected areas, firefighters, civil defense, municipal officials, soldiers have started massive work to remove and clean the piles of mud debris that are often an obstacle on the streets. More than 22,000 survivors are on duty in Germany. Unusual display, military tanks even aided the efforts in some places.

House cellars and car wrecks are being inspected one by one to find any corpses in Germany and Belgium. In this land, as the water is declining, “We can still see the catastrophic situation”, Ruled by Legion Mayor Christine Defray.

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Anger after Armin Lacet’s laughter

Armin Laschett, leader of the German Conservative Party, during a trip to Erbtstadt in northern Rhine-Westphalia on Saturday, July 17th.

The floods in Germany took a political turn two months before the general election, after which Angela Merkel will step down. Every candidate is competing for plans to strengthen the fight against global warming, which is the reason for many experts on flooding. Armin Laschett, leader of the Conservative CDU and a favorite in the election, is, like the entire political class,“Pick up speed” In the fight against climate change.

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But Armin Lashet damaged his image on Saturday: he was filmed laughing as he paid tribute to the flood victims from the head of state. “Lacet laughs when the country is in trouble”, Written by Picture. The images went viral, forcing him to apologize for his behavior with national outrage “Inappropriate”. Mr. The controversy is even more significant as Lachet is also the head of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the two regions most affected by the floods.

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