January 17, 2022

The Roundup

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An unusual diamond found in Botswana, the 3rd largest in the world

The discovery of this impressive 1174 carat pebble unifies the country to its leading position in the world scene of the largest stones.

A standard Diamond Proud, a pebble with silver reflections, nestled in the palm of one hand, was discovered in Botswana in June, we learned Wednesday from the Canadian company Lucara.

The 1,174-carat gem found on June 12 stole the third largest diamond in the world, a few days ago, on June 1, in the same country, but by another mining company. This is an invention “Historical, for us and Botswana”, Lukara CEO Naseem Lahri commented. “For a row of large stones, it ranks third”, He proudly told the AFP when presented to the government in Gaborone.

The 1,174-carat diamond discovered on June 12 rose to third place on the world’s largest platform. Monirul Puyan

Head of the largest stones

This latest discovery confirms that Botswana is the world leader in gemstones, six of the world’s largest diamonds. This was welcomed by President Mogwitsi Masichi “Spectacular Moment” And the increasing frequency of diamond discoveries in the country.

The The diamond was discovered on June 1, 1,098 carats, owned by Tepswana, owned by the government and South African diamond dealer de Pierce. Cullinan is the largest known diamond in the world with over 3100 carats discovered in 1905 in South Africa.

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