January 17, 2022

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An extreme right-wing elected official suspected of shooting a Moroccan man admits to the accident

Italian media report has opened the case “for an unequal defensive action”.

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An Italian far-right, deputy mayor elected for security in Lombardy’s Vogera is suspected of killing Morocco during an argument in a town square on Tuesday evening, July 20. Massimo Adriatic, a member of the La Liga party and former police commander, has been placed under house arrest under court supervision. The daily reported that the prosecution had opened an investigation for “unequal security” Republic (Article in Italian).

The victim, a 39-year-old Moroccan man, was shot in the chest. When the elected municipal official intervened, local newspapers reported that he had harassed a woman outside a bar in Wokhera, near Pavia. After the latter called the police, the man began to push him away. Massimo Adriatic, who was carrying a gun, says a shot was fired the moment he fell to the ground.

For former Home Minister Matteo Salvini, Vogera was elected “Victim of the attack” And played “In self-defense”. “He accidentally responded with a shot, which unfortunately killed a foreigner.”, He said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

Democrat Senator (center-left) Alan Ferrari immediately urged Matteo Salvini to condemn the facts. “In a civilized and democratic country, a deputy does not shoot a person”, Evaluates the elected representative of the region.

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