January 17, 2022

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According to the head of COP26, the IPCC report is a “very serious warning”

A new reminder to act against climate change. The UN Climate Experts Report (IPCC) is expected to be released on Monday, August 9th “Very Strict Warning” COP26 leader Alok Sharma on Sunday (August 8) spoke about the role of human behavior in global warming.

The report shows it “Human Behavior Accelerates Threatening Global Warming”, Said the British Minister A newspaper interview Viewer (Article in English), Sunday edition DefenderEmphasizes the decisiveness of the major climate conference scheduled for November in Glasgow (Scotland, United Kingdom).

“We can’t wait two years, five years, ten years”, He continued, feeling that there is still time, but “We are approaching a dangerous moment” It will be too late.

IPCC Report “This will be a warning call to anyone who still does not understand why the next decade should be absolutely decisive in terms of climate action.”Alok Sharma insists “We also clearly understand that human activity is causing climate change at an alarming rate.”.

Failure of COP26 “Disaster, no other word”, Britain hopes to emphasize it “Last year was the hottest, the last decade was the hottest.”.

The effects of global warming are already clear, he continued, citing floods in Europe and China. “Wildfires, record temperatures we’ve seen in North America”. “Every day we see a new record being set in a way in the world”, He added.

Despite obvious concerns about climate change, the British minister defended the UK’s controversial plan to allow further exploration of gas and oil. The International Energy Agency warned in May that if it wants to control global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the world must immediately abandon its new oil or gas program.

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Alok Sharma said these plans must comply with the UK’s legal commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Knitted in the British press for visiting 30 countries in seven months, some were classified in red by the UK due to their health status due to the corona virus, Alok Sharma emphasized the essential and decisive nature of face-to-face meetings in such talks.